Clean off Concrete... without corrosive acids; without injuring staff; without damaging metal surfaces; without damaging paint; without damaging the environment; without acid runoff water; and without damaging any surfaces!

Spuitbus Aerosol Duzz 500ml

The convenient Duzz Aerosol concrete remover is an essential addition to any DIY cupboard, and a perfect product for off-the-shelf purchase. Lees meer

5 Liter Container

Duzz removes concrete build-up from all types of equipment and surfaces. Duzz 5 Litres is ideal for onsite use, and big projects. Lees meer

20 Liter Container

Duzz 20 Litres is ideal for the removal of concrete build-up on industrial equipment as well as your most sensitive components. Lees meer

Duzz informatie

Find out more about the history, application, and the magic behind Duzz. Lees meer

Duzz Downloads

Download safety sheets, COSHH, and other product information. Lees meer

Duzz Pers

Klik hier om onze website  te bekijken, en om steeds geïnformeerd te zijn over het nieuws en de persberichten over Duzz. Lees meer

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