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Gordon Pirret of International Petroleum Products Ltd recognised the need for a safe, and easy-to-use concrete remover that could be aggressive on concrete but non-aggressive to the user, on the environment, or on your equipment.

'It wasn't easy to develop a product that ticks all of the boxes, but when I set my mind on something I won't stop until I am happy with the result'

In a nutshell, Duzz is the safest, and most effective molecular concrete and cement dissolver on the market, brought to you for worldwide distribution by IPP Building Products.

How Duzz it work?

Gordon Pirret

Duzz was developed with judicious blending of surfactants, and with strict pH control of safe, novel concrete dissolution agents. This unique combination means that Duzz can cleanup most commercial, industrial, and domestic areas of contaminated concrete and cement-based materials. It softens and aids the removal of hardened concrete build-up from mixers, pumps, shuttering, screeding bars, and all plant equipment, without harming surfaces: including paintwork, all metals, plastics, paving slabs, bricks, and other common building materials, including glass. Duzz also works on other cement-base materials such as adhesives, grouts, renders, etc. So it has certainly lived up to Gordon's expectations.

We don't want to reveal all of the secrets behind the magic of Duzz, but we can share some of the science behind the pH-neutral formula. Duzz works by converting the positive ions in the Portland cement of the hardest mass into negative ions. The cement dissolves into a mud, which can then be rinsed away – we told you it was simple.

Duzz is ecologically friendly, and even has a recyclable container. The product is non-hazardous, and non-fuming. The runoff water has been measured at a pH neutral level of 6.5, and completely complies with the Environmental Protection Act.

After months of perfecting the formula, it is now ready to reach you, the consumer and make your life so much easier.

Applying Duzz

It is advised to wet the surface or equipment that you wish to clean prior to application. As Duzz is most effective in this wet phase try to avoid using it in strong sunlight, or on very hot days.  Once you are prepared, the product Duzz the trick in four easy steps…

  1. Duzz can be applied concentrated or diluted using spray-equipment; low-pressure sprays, or foamers are most effective. If you are using the aerosol, shake it well, and hold the canister 15 cm (6inches) from the chosen surface, and then spray liberally.

  2. Leave for at least 30 minutes, and ensure that you re-apply a light mist throughout the cleaning process in order to prevent Duzz from drying out and becoming inactive.

  3. Assist Duzz by brushing and scraping, and then wash off with a high-pressure washer. It may be necessary to repeat application on heavy build-ups to achieve the required result.

  4. Where heavy build-ups are present try leaving Duzz on overnight and then high-pressure hose it off in the morning. For very heavy build-ups repeated applications may be necessary.


How to apply DUZZ

For more information on application and the Material Safety Data sheet go to Duzz Downloads.


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